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The development of renewable energy - particularly energy from wind, water, solar power and biomass - is a central aim of the European Commission's energy policy. Renewable energy has an important role to play in reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions - a major Community objective. In this sense the first EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place in Brussels, Belgium, and in other cities across Europe from Monday 29 January to Friday 2 February, 2007.

We study how earth processes affect us and how we affect the earth. The environmental protection of nature through cleaner and renewable energies of wind, sun, geothermal, hydro,biomass and waves...all are base on natural resources of the earth.
We learn how to use natural resources because we dependen on them

Many years ago the force of the air moved windmills, very famous in Spain(most Spanish windmills, like those described in Cervantes' Don Quixote can be found in the area of La Mancha in central of Spain) becaude they milled the corn into flour. The scene of Don Quijote and the windmills is very well known throughout the world.

Nowadays the wind farms are starting to be used as a cleaner form of energy.We have studied the wind (air in motion) as cleaner, sustainalbe and renewable energy in the future.
In fact, the wind has energy and turbines convert it into electricity for lighting, for perform useful work, specially in iluminating great cities, factories and domestic aplications It doesn�t impact above the environment; for that we have visited the wind farms of Tineo and Salas in the west of Asturias .

Renewable energies are necessary for a fair and human development. So we dfend the environment and fight against climate change. On the other hand, we abandoned fosil fuel as energy source and want an equality of access to energy for all of us in the world.


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Bingo dijo...

Tiene que ser una buena combinación de todos estos estos sistemos de energía renovable! Pero definitivamente se tiene que invertir millones para poder cambiar poco a poco los combustibles fosiles a estos renovables. Pero hay muchos intereses economicos de por medio... un cirdulo vicioso... :(

Votame !!